The programme at Hope House is designed so that residents learn to become responsible for their own recovery.The treatment programme provides the tools and principles needed for living a sober and contented life.

The 30 day programme adopts a holistic approach and provides individual and group counselling, family counselling, educational input, relaxation, meditation and spiritual
enrichment.  The programme is broadly based on the Minnesota Model with Twelve Step work as its foundation. Cognitive Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness are among the approaches used.

Continuum of Care

Continuing Care is vital for former residents and their partners. Successful recovery
occurs gradually and requires a commitment to recovery practices and ongoing personal

Hope House Offers:

  • Weekly Support Groups over a period of 2 years to those who have completed the residential programme.
  • Relapse Programme for those who have completed the residential programme and who have recently returned to active addiction.
  • Special Programmes addressing specific issues and needs on an outpatient and residential basis.
  • Counselling is available to former residents and their families.
  • Womens Group for former residents.
  • Prescribed Drug Addiction Group for former residents.